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Redazione – The Measure of the verse constitutes in Angelo Sagnelli a real literary castle where one can access through the reading of his illuminated Poems to grasp the relationship between full meaning and empty meaning, climbing up to a first physical vision (where it appears suggestive the moment of an atom that immediately becomes eternity, or infinite) and then metaphysics (with words that become temples of rhythm, color and dragging on the poetic horizon. All possible and imaginable scenarios are described in poetry and therefore become immense matter of immaterial destiny. thaimat stockholm

The measure of the verse is the journey into the enchantment of the dream that distances us from human / inhuman events and shelters us, like a subtle hope that envelops us in the journey of our life, from border to border, making us inaccessible to the weight of time. . Towards that the need for clarity, clarity, truth shouts over the world. And the Poet is the one who finally finds himself able to renounce the lie, so the only possible compromise is between courage and fear of a present merged with past and future. The singer of emotions draws a real life, with the colors of authentic emotions and does it in a light and constant way, as one of the few certainties in the course of human affairs to narrate beauty and its universal value.

In the measure of the verse there are in Sagnelli, circles of imagination, triangles of suspension, squares of concreteness, lines of artistic study, parables of acceptance, hyperbole of tenderness, in short, a whole geometry charged with uniqueness. Voice, surprise, mystery; alliterations, suspensions, meaning, all together feasting on the romantic smile that sometimes despairs of the unlived and slowly slips into the mask of the encounter between poet and reader, where the passage is listened to and held inside, to make it its own, preserved forever, each in its infinity. recruitment agencies in pakistan

Sagnelli standard-bearer of humility and respect for Poetry, for which there is an exact time for the breath of each word and there is only one right way to make the verse blossom, so as to draw a Maginot line between who writes poetry and who does not succeed.

Time does not exist, space does not count, life is an illusion and Poetry is therefore the best artistic redemption of man, a shoot that surprises in the evening, guaranteeing the morning.

For Sagnelli “time is the energy of matter”. Energy that transforms into electromagnetic waves and becomes LIGHT that informs the entire universe of every single event and imprints its meaning, determining an existential memory that runs along the path of Unity. In essence, it celebrates the authenticity that leads to God in a regatta of light that resembles a prayer entrusted to the fire of infinity.

Finally, love that in Sagnelli is a thrill, an intertwining, a wind that arrives unexpectedly so it is good not to give it up but prepare for the possibility that one day it recognizes us and comes to find us from the excavation of our soul where it lazily stays.



(Writer and Art Critic)